The McKrells - 7pm



The McKrells
Saturday, November 4 at 7:00pm
$25 General Admission/$15 Student

Singer/Songwriter Kevin McKrell has toured extensively in both the US and Ireland with his unique celtic bluegrass sound. An Irish and Folk Festival top-pick, we are thrilled to have him and his band here with us at Hubbard Hall. 

The lineup of Kevin's McKrell's high-energy collective is a who's who of North Country Roots Music, each player a top draw in their own right. Starting with songwriter, multi-instrumentalist John Kribs from Johnny and the Triumphs, Raquette River Rounders, and the original McKrells. John plays guitar, both electric and acoustic, and banjo. On mandolin is Orion Kribs, a world class mandolin player capable of the breakneck speed and the nuanced solo work needed to perform in a Kevin McKrell band. Orion is an endorsee of Godin-Seagull guitars. On bass is Arlin Greene a member of a musical family that has attained legend status in the northeast. Son of the great Smokey Greene and a bassist of exceptional abilities, whether it is a high energy bluegrass stomp or one of McKrells Celtic ballads, Arlin Greene's bass is foundation the songs are built upon. On percussion is Brian Melick who is worth the price of the ticket all by himself. Not only is Brian an over-the-top talented musician, but he is also a joyful and inspiring performer. On fiddle is Doug Moody - a Buffalo, NY legend for his work with the alt-country group The Steam Donkeys and The McKrells. It is widely known throughout the northeast that if you need a great fiddler call Doug ...but he is probably busy. Behind all of this is Kevin McKrell. Kevin has performed throughout the U.S., Canada, Ireland, Scotland, and Italy. His songs have been covered by bands all over the world, including The Kingston Trio, The Fureys, Woods Tea Company, and Hair of the Dog. With each player capable of lead singer status, the harmony vocals of this collective of like-minded musicians is stunning, the energy explosive, and each song a gem. They have been called amazing, stunning, brilliant, and McKrellica.

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