CANCELLED - So You Want to Play the Mandolin? (Fall 2017)


So You Want to Play the Mandolin? - CANCELLED
with Alan Epstein
Mondays, 6:00-8:00pm
Five Week Session: Sept 25-Oct 30 (no class 10/9)
Tuition: $100
Beacon Feed Board Room

Nationally known mandolin instructor Alan Epstein is ready to get you started with this beginner introduction to playing the mandolin. This class is designed for the beginner - those folks who are interested in playing the mandolin but don't know where to start. Learn the basics of holding, tuning and playing your first notes and chords on the mandolin, and by the end of the first session you will be playing your first song in the mandolin! The goal is to get students started on their mandolin journey, and the only prerequisite is that you have a mandolin, an electronic tuner, and a desire to play mandolin. 

Topics covered

  • Tuning 

  • Right and left hand positioning

  • Right and left hand exercise 

  • A few scales

  • A few chords

  • A few songs

  • Playing chords to accompany yourself on the mandolin

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