Men o' War Balladeers - FREE CONCERT


Men o’ War Balladeers in Concert
Thursday, July 13, 7:00pm at Hubbard Hall

The Men o’ War Balladeers is a new Traditional Music Band, based in Cambridge, New York, performing Celtic and North American folk ballads. These five young men from Southern Washington County will take you on a journey from “Frobisher Bay” in the arctic to “Old Maui,” singing traditional music rife with rich harmony, both unaccompanied and with acoustic guitar. Let yourself be moved though song and enjoy the joyous, mournful, heart-wrenching, and uplifting shanties and labor songs from North America, Ireland, and beyond.

Members of Men o' War Balladeers include: Kristoffer Ross, Cole Boggan, Adam Shulman, Daniel Salzer, and Michael Raffel.

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