Miscast Cabaret -- Fundraiser



A night of music from your favorite Broadway hits... with a bit of a twist!
Saturday, July 15th, 7pm
Hubbard Hall Mainstage
Tickets: $10 General Admission/$5 Student
Accompanied by Michael Gallagher

Join Hubbard Hall and help raise money for our Scholarship Fund at our Miscast Cabaret, featuring solos and duets from our talented group of local performers.
What's a Miscast, you ask? It's a chance for performers to sing songs that weren't written for them! Genderswap? Go ahead! A song written for someone of a different age or race? Super! Sing a rock opera ballad in the style of a folksong? Perfect! This night is sure to be fun, exciting, and heartfelt!

Featuring solo, duet, and group performances from Digby Baker-Porazinski, Cole Boggan, Katherine Danforth, Ginny Edinger, Kyra Fitzgerald, Leah Jaffe, Kate Johnson, Shawna Martinez, Erin Ouellette, Michael Raffel, Alice Roosevelt, Audrey Roosevelt, Catherine Seeley, Adam Shulman, and Rebecca Young

Fun moments from last August's Miscast: 









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