The Naked I: Self Defined!


Saturday, October 1 at 4:00pm
Hubbard Halls Freight Depot
$10 General Admission
$5 Students

Inspired by The Naked I: Monologues From Beyond The Binary by Tobias K. Davis, a production that explored the bodies and experiences of transgender, gender-queer, and intersex individuals (which 20% Theatre Company produced back in 2009) the company has created, and will continue to create and produce a new NAKED I production every two years that takes the idea of a monologue-based play to a new level and boldly explains and explores the land beyond 'male' and 'female'.
THE NAKED I: SELF-DEFINED explores queer and trans* experience through brand new, never before seen monologues, short scenes, movement pieces, spoken word poems, short film, and more - featuring the contributions of over 70 artists. Selections from this production will be presented as part of their National Tour!
WRITERS: D. Allen, Stacy Bowen, Tobias K. Davis, Aubri Drake, Robbie Dunning, Ashley C. Ford, Zealot Hamm, Cat Hammond, Alex Iantaffi, Christy Marie Kent, Jayce Koester, Jo Lum, Nikolas Martell, JL Mohnkern, Paul Nemeth, Molly Payne, Freya Richman, Esme Rodriguez, Eddy Samara, Oliver Schminkey, Nico Swenson & Devin Taylor
WORLD PREMIERE DIRECTORS: Alissa Blaeser, Shalee Coleman, Shannon Cron, Grey Doolin, Jay Owen Eisenberg, Megan Lembke, Sofia Lindgren Galloway, Stephanie Messer, EJ Olson, Mykel Pennington, Sami Pfeffer, Atlese Robinson, Hannah Jo Stein, Nicole Wilder, Sarah Wolf

Performed at 4:00pm at Hubbard Hall's Freight Depot
Performed at 7:00pm at Bennington College

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