Hubbard Hall

TriBeCaStan: In Concert!


TriBeCaStan: In Concert!

Sunday, May 22 at 7pm
$20 General Admission
$10 Student

TriBeCaStan is a group of seasoned players who bring together eclectic elements of jazz, world music, psychedelia and folk, using a wild variety of ethnic instruments from around the globe to create a sound that is completely original. Extraordinarily talented, various members of the band have played with artists, from Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Ornette Coleman and Sting to Patti Smith, Violent Femmes, Santana and Taj Mahal - to name just a few.

This unusual band has serious chops and chemistry onstage – check them out in action:

At NPR's Green Room on Feb 10, 2014:

At Flushing Town Hall Queens, New York on May 1st 2015:

Their SXSW showcase was singled out by the Wall Street Journal as among the stand-outs of the Austin conference, and their live appearances have been widely acclaimed.  In 2015 they played Canada’s Hillside Festival, Arizona’s annual MIMfest event at the Musical Instrument Museum, and at various clubs and performing arts centers.  The band has had solid response at radio across the country and garnered tremendous response from press and presenters alike:

“Zappa-esque….genre-bending jazz and world-music” - The New York Times

"An international jazz and folk festival unto itself, fusing Balkan, Middle Eastern, Indian, Latin American, and African musical elements to bold and dazzling effect.” - The Washington Post
“New York cool, explorer energy, and outer space vibes...” - The Village Voice

"TriBeCaStan’s appearance at the 2015 Hillside Festival can be best described as “a delicious & diverse musical serving – a global celebration, and our audience ate up every bit of it!  Such a fantastic festival band." - Samir Baijal, Creative Director, Hillside Festival, Guelph, Ontario (June 2015)

"The show was fantastic.  TriBeCaStan gave a terrific show...I know people will be spreading the word about them and their great performance!" - Mycenay Plyler, The Sea Of Glass Center for the Arts/Tucson (November 2015)

Please check out TriBeCaStan’s music on Evergreene Music’s Bandcamp site:


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