Annual Irish Dance Ceili 2016


Annual Irish Dance Ceili

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at 7pm
Cambridge Central School Auditorium
Free Admission! Bake Sale to support the Irish Dance Costume Fund.

Come and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with traditional Irish dance. Bring friends or family members, anyone who'd like to watch some Irish dancing, or try it. A "ceili" is like an Irish square dance, where dances are taught and anyone can participate or watch.

The Hubbard Hall Irish Dancers are a family school of Irish Dance, dedicated to keeping cultural traditions alive, and sharing and passing on a sense of creativity, fun, movement, and community through music and dance. Some of the dancers have been at Hubbard Hall for 10 years or more, learning set and Ceili dances, traditional jigs, hornpipes, slipjigs and reels, as well as original and student-driven choreographies. The older ones help to teach the younger ones, and they carry it on into their lives, dancing at college and beyond.

This special Ceili event will take the place of regular Wednesday dance classes, and will be held at the Cambridge Central School auditorium. All are welcome! Hubbard Hall Irish Step dance students will be ready to show off what they've been learning in class!

Admission is free, and delicious refreshments will be available for purchase.  Proceeds from the bake sale and donations will support the Hubbard Hall Irish dance costume fund.

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