Hubbard Hall

Winter Carnival of New Work (Sat Jan 23 8pm)


An energizing, fun and heartfelt series of new works. Your ­Theater Pass gives you all access to the entire Carnival. Come once, come often.

Saturday, January 23 @ 8pm

Requiem by Anonymous
Directed by: Sarah Jack
Cast: Sebastian Durfee & Shawna Martinez

Infinite Beginnings by David Vazdauskas
Directed by: Erin Ouellette
Cast: Digby Baker-Porazinski, Jack Boggan, Kyra Fitzgerald, & Catherine Seeley

Hope for the Best by Joseph Rubanoff
Directed by: Sarah Jack
Cast: Jack Boggan & Benjie White

The Waver by Anthony Pezzula
Directed by: Sarah Jack
Cast: Digby Baker-Porazinski & Benjie White

Tunnel by Jessica Bashline
Directed by: David Snider
Cast: David Faltskog, Gianna Faltskog, & Naomi Faltskog

Period Dragon by Karina Cochran
Directed by: Kyra Fitzgerald
Cast: Delaney Hill, Shawna Martinez, & Christiana Roewer

Choose by Sebastian Durfee
Directed by: Sarah Jack
Cast: Digby Baker-Porazinski

Friday, Jan 22 @ 8pm; Saturday, Jan 23 @ 2pm; Saturday, Jan 23 @ 8pm; Sunday, Jan 24 @ 2pm
Friday, Jan 29 @ 8pm; Saturday, Jan 30 @ 2pm; Saturday, Jan 30 @ 8pm; Sunday, Jan 31 @ 2pm
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