CANCELLED - Continuum Movement: The Regenerating Body


Continuum Movement: The Regenerating Body

With Robin Becker
Sundays  10am-1pm
Four-week Series: Oct 25, Nov 8, Nov 22, Dec 6
Series Tuition: $180 (by October 17) Save 10%

Pick-3: Register for any 3 in the series for $150 (by October 17)

After October 17 (space permitting) - Series $195 and Pick-3 $165

Continuum offers an innovative learning process that supports and restores you from within. In the practice of Continuum, the nature of the body becomes a guide for learning how to rest, renew and trust again. The body serves as a touchstone, a portal to unlimited creative possibilities and dimensions.

--Learn a universal language of biologically based movement, incorporating breath and sounding practices that initiate personal movement explorations.

--Discover how you can use Continuum to reclaim your life force and your birthright of fluid possibility.

--The movement explorations are slow paced and the experience is both contemplative and dynamic.

--Participants in a class have choices to work from a variety of positions. Sitting on the floor, lying down on yoga mats or blankets, standing, or working with large exercise balls. Loose, comfortable clothing or other exercise clothing is recommended.

--Continuum is gentle and appropriate for all levels of mobility.


Breath.  All movement originates with breath. Healing, growth and all mobility, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, are all enhanced by the dexterity of breath.
Sound. Sound is audible breath, penetrating the density of locked tissue. It eases mobility while releasing areas of stagnation and stress.
Movement. Continuum's movements are designed to enhance the undulating spirals and circularity of the fluid system. Undulating wave motion permeates tissue, softens boundaries and amplifies sensation.
Sensation and pleasureIn Continuum we use sensation as a guide for awakenign the body's mysteries and the activating principle of the life force that feeds and nurtures the entire system. Sensations of pleasure create an inviting climate for self renewal. 
Open attention. After all of the fancy breathing, sounds and movement, the heart of work comes from witnessing and experiencing one's own unfolding. As Emilie Conrad, Continuum Movement's founder extraordinaire, was fond of saying: "I create a wave and then I ride it."

Robin Becker began her dance training with Bentley Stone and Walter Camryn in Chicago, Illinois. She continued her studies at the Martha Graham School in New York City, and studied choreography with Bessie Schonberg. Robin has performed with the Martha Graham Ensemble, the Pearl Lang Dance Company, the Eleo Pomare Dance Company and as a guest artist with the Denishawn Repertory Dancers at the Biennale Festival in Lyons, France. She has served on the faculties of the American Ballet Theatre, Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, the Princeton Ballet Society and the Actor’s Studio and currently is on the faculty of Hofstra University. Her work is informed by her extensive training in numerous forms of dance, and by Continuum, an innovative field of movement education based on the study of the body as a fluid system. She weaves her foundation of classical dance training together with the ongoing inquiry and discovery of contemporary dance. Her commitment to the exploration of movement and spirituality permeate her art.

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