Puppet Club Performs "It's (Almost) All Greek To Me!"


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Hubbard Hall Puppet Club presents

It's (Almost) All Greek To Me!

A Labyrinthine story taken from (mostly) Greek mythology
Sunday, May 24 at 11am
Freight Depot Theater/Gallery (green building behind Hubbard Hall)
FREE.  Donations in support of community arts programming gratefully accepted.
Puppet Club is a loosely structured group of people of all ages 7 or older, who get together for one two-hour session a week,  8-10 times for each performance, for the sheer joy of building puppets and performing with them. For this play the group of puppeteers consists of 4 children aged 7-12 and are led by Carol Serotta and Frank Lombardo. Each play that Hubbard Hall Puppet Club presents requires its own unique styles of puppets and staging. Working with an improvised story inspired by classic tales like Theseus and the Minotaur, the Wizard of Oz and other influences, young and old face the same challenges, especially when asked to vocalize and simultaneously move their puppets.

Carol Serotta and Frank Lombardo are retired elementary and middle school teachers who welcome the chance to return to working with children and participate in small scale but highly creative projects.

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