John Long - Online Concert


Access to the video of John Long playing the Blues!
$15 per person, $25 per household. Run time approximately 2 hours.
You don’t want to miss this amazing musician.

What to Expect when you buy an online ticket.*

  • After you purchase your online access, you will be sent an email confirmation from Hubbard Hall.
  • This email will include a link to the video and the password you will need to run the video.
  • You will need standard internet access to watch the video. If the video is pausing a lot, you may need a stronger connection.
  • Hubbard Hall videos are shown via our Vimeo account. Clicking the provided link will take you to this page; you do not need your own Vimeo account to access.
  • The video is available from the time you purchase through November 30, 2020.

Vimeo FAQs

What is Vimeo?
Vimeo is similar to YouTube but without the advertising. Hubbard Hall has its own account on Vimeo.

Can I stop and start the video?
Yes – as long as you are within the viewing period noted above. Just like other videos you watch, you can pause and come back.

Can more than one person watch the video with the one passcode?
Yes. Multiple viewers can watch with the one passcode, but please remember all ticket purchases were per person or per household. Consider purchasing additional tickets to support Hubbard Hall if more people than expected will be watching.

Can more than one person watch it at different times?
Yes, you can watch it at different times, in different places, or all in the same house.

Can I go back and watch it again after I’ve viewed it once?
Yes, you can watch it more than once from the time of your purchase through November 30, 2020. You can also pause and restart later, just like a DVD.

What if I can’t get it to work?
You can call Hubbard Hall at 518-677-2495, ext. 314 and we will try to help you.

*Based on an online FAQ page by WAM theatre. 

About John Long
“From my perspective John is a one of a kind “time traveler”: A great song writer with a sense of humor, singer with range and a wonderful timbre in his voice, great guitar player, great slider-guitar player and the best rack harmonica player I have ever heard – A Band in a Box!. I have always believed that there are obscure and extraordinary America music styles of the past that fully deserve our contemplation. Johnny will take you there! John Long is a National Treasure”. Al Blake

John dedicates his playing to “Homesick James Williamson, Richard Innes, Randy Chortkoff and all the ‘forgotten’ blues artists without whom he and others wouldn’t beplaying blues music today”.

Check out John Long’s website

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