Winter Carnival of New Work (Fri Jan 29 8pm)


An energizing, fun and heartfelt series of new works. Your ­Theater Pass gives you all access to the entire Carnival. Come once, come often. ­

365 Women a Year: A Playwriting Project
Producer: Natalie Osborne
Directors & Cast to be finalized
Featured Plays:

After the Thin Man by Shellen Lubin
Feelin Lonely by Catherine Weingarten
Making Frankenstein by Natalie Osborne
The Making of Café Muller by Emma Plotkin

It Takes a New Age Village by Joe Starzyk
Directed by: Darcy May
Cast: Kelvin Keraga, Catherine Seeley, and others to be finalized

The Golden Years by Joe Starzyk
Directed by: David Snider
Cast: Bob & Sally Sugarman

Shrinking Violet by Katherine Ambrosio
Directed by: David Braucher
Cast: Erin Ouellette & Catherine Seeley

Friday, Jan 22 @ 8pm; Saturday, Jan 23 @ 2pm; Saturday, Jan 23 @ 8pm; Sunday, Jan 24 @ 2pm
Friday, Jan 29 @ 8pm; Saturday, Jan 30 @ 2pm; Saturday, Jan 30 @ 8pm; Sunday, Jan 31 @ 2pm
Neon CRM by Neon One