New Restrooms for Hubbard Hall!

Thank you so much for your generous support. A couple important things to note with this project: we’re aiming to do two new ADA compliant restrooms on the Hall level (with a Historic Preservation Architect doing the plans to ensure we fit into our original 1878 building as much as possible); plus we are working to renovate both restrooms in the basement; PLUS we are hoping, if we can, to add two restrooms in the back first floor hallway. We’ve also identified about $40K of repairs and updates desperately needed across our four historic buildings. So while we hope to come under budget with all of this, $100K is a vastly conservative number for what we need to do. We had a budgeting office in Albany run numbers two years ago and priced just the new restrooms at about $78K (before architect fees).

Here's more information about the whole campaign:

We have recently received $50,000 from the New York State Council on the Arts towards the construction of new restrooms on the performance level of Hubbard Hall. As you know, the Hall is a jewel of our community. Volunteers have worked tirelessly for 41 years now to maintain and restore this gorgeous and historic building. Now we are investing further in our facilities, so that future generations and audiences of all ages will be able to experience this gorgeous space – and so visitors from around the world can see an 1878 opera house still in full operation.  WATCH VIDEO!

We are aiming to match this $50,000 from NYSCA with another $50,000 raised from grant makers, businesses and individuals by the end of Octoberwith the goal to implement new restrooms on the performance level of Hubbard Hall by June 2020. We have already gained another $5,000 from the Charles R. Wood Foundation and $20,000 from indiviudals towards this match and so have an additional $25,000 to raise. Gifts of $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 will be recognized on a special commemorative plaque next to the restrooms as Major, Lead and Platinum sponsors, respectively.

Have you noticed how many stairs currently exist between our performance Hall and restroom levels? Even with an elevator running to all floors, gaining easy access during a ten minute intermission can be tough. A lack of easy restroom access also keeps away many families with younger children and older patrons with health concerns. Have you ever wished there was an easily accessible restroom right on the same level as performances? This is our chance to make that restroom dream a reality. If we succeed together, we will have two unisex restrooms ready for patrons on the Hall level by summer 2020. Will you help us?

Any gift - $50, $100, $1,000, $5,000 – will help us toward our ultimate goal of implementing new, more easily accessible restrooms by June 2020. With new restrooms in the Hall, audiences of all ages will be able to access and enjoy the Hall without worry. Have no doubt – the completion of new restrooms is the first on a long list of restoration projects we will pursue over the next few years, including restoring the walls and ceiling in the Hall, and maintaining our other three historic buildings, including restoring pieces of the buildings which have decayed since being updated thirteen years ago. We will use any additional funds raised towards these other facilities issues.

On behalf of the entire Hubbard Hall family, and especially the thousands of people, of all ages and interests, who will benefit from our programs in the coming year, thank you again for your incredible support. I am so proud to be the Executive & Artistic Director of this amazing organization.

David A. Snider, Executive & Artistic Director